OCTOBER 10-13, 10AM-7PM

At the de Corato Atelier
819 Madison Avenue, 5th FL.
(between 68th & 69th Street)
New York, New York 10065


Fedeli Cashmere

Luigi Fedeli found his company in 1934 in Monza. With the help of Nino Fedeli, the brand’s products strengthened and became more innovative. By 1967, the company was international, entering the South-American market and flourishing there. Along with the company’s success came awards. Luigi Fedeli was awarded the title of Cavalier of the Republic. On its 70th anniversary, Fedeli was recognized by Assindustria Monza e Brinza for its example of industrial longevity, technological innovation and product quality.


Farnese Belts

Over 45 years of gained experience in this field has allowed Farnese to create a company able to cope with large scale flows without losing that artisan attainment. Their offices, showrooms and production departments are spread over an area of 2,000 m2 with thousands of sample designs for belts drafted in many types of products.


Marzullo Ties

Founded in 1920 in Salerno, Marzullo still sticks faithfully to traditional values. Cesare Marzullo had a motto: “A suit is like a painting and a neck-tie is its final brushstroke”. Today, the same motto underpins the philosophy which, Romino and Liliana Marzullo, Cesare’s grandchildren, apply in the entire process of tailoring of the extremely elegant settepieghe ties.


Trama Rossa Denim

Tramarossa was founded in 1967 by Chemello Urban. After studying tailoring, he had the idea of working denim using the same tailoring disciplines. With this knowledge, Tramarossa started to manufacture sartorial denim using selvedge denim. This has allowed Sartoria Tramarossa to be known as one of the highest quality Italian denims in the market today. Tramarossa denim is immediately identifiable by the two red lines that mark its selvedge.


Rota Pants

Rota came to be in 1962 when Ampelio Rota decided to develop a new concept for trousers rather than being a subordinate piece to jackets. This place a leading role in menswear. His vision was to offer a beautifully cut, perfect-fitting trouser made from the best fabrics.


Ugly’s Bags

UGLYS produces high-end bags, for travel and leisure, completely customizable through an enjoyable online tool. 

UGLYS is the greatest option for the fans of the highest quality and finishing who would also like to define personally any detail of their style instead of conforming to random seasonal trends or a stylist’s whim. 

UGLYS timeless leather bags offers the classic lines and functional luxury that appeal to both men and women. Everything they make is custom, produced by hand in Italy, according to your design and impeccably crafted with the very finest materials. Eventually, you can seal your UGLYS, having your initials stamped on the outside of your bag.



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