It’s that time of the year at last as we prepare to see familiar faces and the spectacle of world’s most well-dressed men descend upon the mecca of menswear. Of course, we’re talking about the enshrined pilgrimage to Pitti Uomo in Bella Firenze—Florence, Italy.

It’s here at Pitti Uomo that we have a moment to be face-to-face, and perhaps share espresso and a full laugh with our cherished vendors. At the end of the day, these craftsmen are our family. This is the inherent spirit of Italy, from Milan to Florence, to Rome and to Naples—and that spirit is especially concentrated here in Florence.

Before this city was christened the capital of menswear, it was widely considered the capital of the arts, banking, and architecture at a time called the Reneissance. For a time, this city was the cultural capital of the world, which gave rise to famous banking families like the Medici Dynasty, famed artists like Leonard Di Vinci, Michalangelo and Donatello, and ingenious architects like Filippo Brunelleschi, who was the architect of the dome at the Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore.

Outside of Pitti, Florence continues to have so much to offer to anyone who traverses her hallowed streets. But Pitti Uomo 95 is what has brought us this time of year. It’s always a delight to see so many men, better known as the Pitti Peacock, show off their love for menswear through the way they dress and especially the way they accessorize. To celebrate our time at Pitti Uomo, we’re sharing four themes in menswear that we’re particularly fond of.



Durable, yet breathable, denim is one of the most versatile fabrics in the world. Its rugged roots have gone through many identity changes over the decades and can go with just about anything in the closet. We especially love the way how it’s made its way into the sartorial closet. We love denim and the brand we carry, Tramarossa marries that love with the sophistication of sartorial splendor with their custom and made to order denim and you can never go wrong with a nice denim chambray shirt from Finamore.


Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter how perfect and pressed your outfit is if your shoes aren’t up to par. The boys at Pitti always put their best foot forward.  Our friends at Stefano Bemer are always up to the task of creating exquisite made-to-order and bespoke shoes.


Men don’t have a lot of accessories but we do love a good bag and with laptops and iPads and little something to read while out and about during the fair, they always come in handy. If you’re looking for something special and unique, look to Uglys and Dell’ga who offer wonder handmade and custom pieces.


Our friends and Mandelli make some pretty stylish outerwear, which has been highly appreciated on this run to Pitti Uomo with cooler temperatures in February. The vendors and journalists abound pull off some great looks to complement their outfits.