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Finamore Napoli

The elegance is concentrated in the shirt. The shirts are characterized by traditional and manual workmanship which makes them unique and exclusive. It’s an incredible experience to watch the threads being interlaced when the buttonholes are sewn or the “mezzo punto” on the shoulders….only those who have roots in this reality are able to see this. This is what makes the Neapolitan product stand out from those sold elsewhere ….the way of doing certain operations which is envied all over the world. The third generation of entrepreneurs has been able to raise the level of quality even more because they not only use the highest quality fabrics but also manage to mix and transform a classic product into a revisited one: a challenge which is giving considerable satisfaction to the company.

Fedeli Cashmere

The ability to renovate is a thin thread coming from a sturdy tradition. In 1934, Luigi Fedeli identified quality as his guiding principle. Quality remains the key to Fedeli’s success, from its roots in fine tailoring to its international role in luxury fashion. The historic Monza factory has always been the centre for Fedeli design and production. It was recently restructured to respond to current needs, but under the modern look beats the same passionate heart.

Enrico Formicola 

Enrico Formicola was for more then 3 decades one of the main mens behind Kiton and Luigi Borrelli. Enrico Formicola starts his career in Men’s fashion and haute couture working as salesman at Mariano Rubinacci’s boutique, that at that time was considered as the temple of the Neapolitan refined clothing tradition. Today this shop is still recognized worldwide. In 1978, he starts his collaboration with Ciro Paone, founder of Kiton, a tailoring industry and Italian fashion -house brand. Mr. Formicola gives his contribute to the spread and growth of this brand in Europe and USA, turning it into one of the flagship brands representing the “made in Italy”, all over the world.  From the merger between the expertise of Gaga’ srl and Luigi Borrelli Spa, a fashion house famous for being a supplier of the Savoia Royal House, a new business unit that looks after the production of ties, comes to life.

de Corato Sartoria

Our inspiration for de Corato Sartoria® was simple: the stylish men traveling through various cities in Italy are enough to inspire a century of fashion. Places like La Scala in Milan, Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Forte Dei Marmi, and Capri all bustle with the most elegantly dressed men in the world – these are the men that were envisioned while designing our collections. Each de Corato Sartoria garment is made entirely by hand in Italy.

Saint Crispin’s

The Saint Crispin’s company in Brasov, Romania employs 25 highly trained crafts people and has an output of approximately 1.500 pairs per year only. Our business model is based on the single pair order, which allows us to provide excellent service to customers. Due to limited output, the company works with only a handful of select international partners. Saint Crispin’s is one of the worlds smallest shoe manufacturers, but we are renowned amongst shoe and fashion aficionados for their impeccable craftsmanship and design. Saint Crispin’s shoes are only presented in the world finest shops in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Singapore, South Korea,  Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and in the United States.

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